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Instructions for obtaining your Colorado Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) Permit
Requirements and FAQs
At least 21 years of age.

A resident of Colorado.

Not ineligeble to buy a gun in Colorado (not be a convicted felon)

A convicted felon may be eligable for a pardon which would allow them to buy a gun.  Contact the attorney general.

No history of drug or alcohol abuse.

No history of domestic violence.

No restraining orders against you.

$52.50 for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for finger print and background check.

$100 For the county sheriff for the permit.

Within the preceeding 10 years of applying for the CCW you must show proof of 

-Qualifying on a weapon from the military or Law Enforcement agency or 

-A Class such as this taught by a qualified instructor.  I will give you your 
                                             training certificate at the end of the class.

Click on your county to the right which will take you to the local sheriff's CCW instructions.  Each sheriff has their own application and instructions, so please read carefully.     .  

If you move, you must contact the local county sheriff and fill out a change of address form within 30 days.

The duration of the permit is five years, but you must renew within the preceeding 180 days of the expiration date.

CCW Information by County
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2. Title 18
3. Article 12
4. Part 2