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Basic Class
Fixed Sight Training, LLC
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Denver, Colorado

 Private Range on  East of Aurora Reservoir.  It's on private property so email me or call for directions. 
All training is available for groups or one on one
Hello, my name is Chris Gesualdo and I am the owner and instructor with FST.  I am an NRA certified instructor with 20+ years of teaching and 35 years shooting experience. I am also a pilot for the Colorado Multi Mission Aircraft which is used primarily to find and map wild land fires and for search and rescue.

I started my teaching career as an airplane flight instructor and spent many years teaching students and pilots of all skill levels.  During this time I developed the relaxed teaching style and the effective techniques that help the student learn and retain the habits that must be second nature to be safe.  As a shooting instructor I use these same habits to teach the proper shooting techniques.

Class sizes are limited for plenty of one-on-one instruction.

Use my handguns, rifles or shotguns at no extra cost, ammo available but not included.

Classes are held at a private outdoor range 15 min East of Aurora off Quincy Road which allows:

       Steel and clay as well as paper targets.

       Drawing and shooting from a holster.

       Shooting while moving.

       Longer distances, out to five hundred yards.

Women only classes available.

Children 10 years and older welcome in private or family lessons.  Children who learn respect and safe handling of firearms early on will retain these habits throughout their lives.  As a father of two I realize that children can require more of my time so although I welcome them I as that they be in a smaller class.

Even if you already have your CCW or have taken a class in the past it is important to seek recurrent training at regular intervals.  Safe habits and a strong shooting technique will fade with time but a few hours with a knowledgeable instructor will bring them back quickly.  After all, hitting your target is the goal of all shooting.  Besides, it's more fun than missing.

Typically I limit classes to 4 or 5 hours. Learning is active and does require energy. In my experience after 4 hours most people are fatigued and learning slows down. This information is too important to miss because you are tired. Several shorter classes are much better for retention of this important material.  

My goal is to use techniques and style I developed as a flight instructor to teach you what I have learned over 30+ years of shooting and years of training. To get you comfortable with a firearm so you’re at ease using it safely and effectively. Whether you’ll be shooting a handgun, rifle or shotgun we’ll review handling and using the gun safely, from storing ammunition to the components of a firearm to the proper grip, sight picture and trigger control.
Classes and events are held at the range. No extra range or park fees or driving from a classroom to a range.

On the rare not so perfect Colorado day we have facilities with heat and AC.

Not to mention hot coffee, donuts and a bathroom!
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100% 5 star!

Learn the basics of mounting, judging lead and shooting aerial targets or clay pigeons in this very fun and challenging sport.  It is also excellent preparation for bird season.  
             $100 for first shooter, $60 each additional.  100 Targets included

Understand the basics of ballistics, range estimation, wind correction and other factors involved in long range precision shooting for hunting or dedicated Long Range platforms.  I also have the tools and knowledge necessary to troubleshoot and correctly mount your scope.
Sight in and set up your rifle at 100 to 300 yards then step back and shoot steel targets at 200 to 500 yards. 
                         $180 Per Shooter
This training gives you the skill and knowledge to use your pistol or revolver safely and effectively as a Concealed Carry Weaponhome defense, hunting or target practice.
FST is one of the few ranges which allows drawing from holster, rapid fire, shooting steel or clay targets and shooting while moving.  Advanced training available                                                 

An introduction to pistols, long range rifles, carbines and shotguns in one event. Each person will be introduced to each type of gun by a qualified instructor who will give as much attention as you like or as little as you need.  

All inclusive package including instructors, guns, ammo and range fees                                                                                                           $120 ea 
Guns available for all training or events or bring your own
Pistol Training                             
Rifle Training                                             
Shotgun Training                                                        
Two to three hours by appointment
Four hour group CCW Class or Private Classes
Two hours by appointment
Denver area's highest rated training

Pistol and CCW
Two to Three hours
About me
Why Fixed Sight Training?

"I took the basic pistol class and was so impressed! Chris was very patient with his teaching and explained things so clearly to me even though I knew nothing about shooting or firearms before that day. I would recommend his classed to anyone and look forward to the day I can take the next level class from him. He is a great instructor and his depth of knowledge is fabulous"
                       -Sally Garwood
$120 per person
We now accept credit cards if booked online

All Fixed Sight's proceeds from the sale of FST Logo clothes and gear will go to Operation Underground Railroad. An organization who rescues some of the estimated two million children in the US and abroad who are held as sex slaves.